Friday, 19 July 2013

Cycling and Chess?

A weird combination?

Two of my favorite things, cycling and chess are combined in this article about cyclist Tim Krabbé, author of 'The Rider'.

Supposedly, 'The Rider' is one of the classics of cycling literature. I wouldn't know, as racing cycling leaves me cold. Maybe I should read it anyway - maybe it would explain the allure of racing.

Or maybe I should hope that there's some touring cyclist out there who's also a chess geek. Touring is more my style.

Another recent cycling + chess story comes from Russian Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk's website. Apparently, Anatoly Karpov invited players to a game during the 2012 Tour de France. Cool!

Then there's the 'Chess Bike' that was spotted in Bonn in 2008:


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