Thursday, 17 May 2012

Motorists' Day of Cycling (AKA Bike to Work Day)

Bike to Work Day is tomorrow in the Washington DC area. Apparently, over 11,000 motorists have signed up for this year's event. In celebration of the event, I am in full-on cynic mode.

For a cyclist like me, "Bike to Work Day" is every day, so I don't feel it's useful to participate in a 'special day' devoted to what I do by default every other day of the year.

So I am not attending Bike to Work Day this year, mainly because I am not a motorist. Yeah, you read that right - I'm not a motorist, so I don't belong at Bike to Work Day. Let's face it - Bike to Work Day is a day for motorists to pretend they're cyclists for one day a year. I don't want to have anything to do with that. If that many motorists really want to be cyclists, all they have to do is cycle more often than they drive - it's that simple. One day a year not only doesn't cut it - it's a shameful and disgusting embarrassment! For me to participate would be a betrayal of what I believe cycling is - i.e. a lifestyle, not merely a holiday. I'm tired of the posing that goes on at this event. I refuse to be counted among the charlatans.

I promised a few weeks ago to mount some sort of protest at this year's Bike to Work Day. So I'm boycotting the event and calling for Bike to Work Day to be renamed the “Motorists’ Day of Cycling” (which is what it SHOULD be called).

I will walk my commute tomorrow. My bike will stay in the garage, safe from any association with the poseurs.