Thursday, 1 August 2013

Law and Order Magazine, July 2013

Just noticed a great post at Bikelounger's site:

Law and Order Magazine: Bicycle Law Enforcement

Brilliant stuff! I wish all police officers knew all of this and kept it in mind during their patrols.

Here's another bulletin by a Florida police officer who understands the reality of what's safe and legal for cyclists:

A Department Bulletin to Help Officers Understand Cyclist Safety and Lane Use


  1. I just donated a copy of Bob Mionske's "Bicycling and the Law" to our local police department. Hope they read it!

  2. One wonders whether some of them can at times... ;-)

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Ian!

  4. Did y'all see the video associated with that photo? Some jerk came up behind and honked aggressively. The cop's chat with him was - priceless!

  5. Yeah, that's a classic. I kinda wish the cop had been on duty at the time, then maybe he could have cited him for illegal use of the horn or something. Instead he just gives him a piece of his mind.

  6. Ian-
    I'm unable to get to the article. All the links I try take me to the August issue. Can you help?
    (Don't worry about making me look silly by giving an obvious answer. I already look that way, through long, devoted practice.)
    -Howard Abts

  7. Hi Howard,
    I've updated the link above - it should now take you to the July issue.