Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Thought for the Day.

Motorists, if I'm traveling at 25mph on a road with a 25mph speed limit, you don't 'have' to overtake me. You'll arrive at a road with a higher speed limit soon enough. Then you'll be able to overtake me without looking like a total wanker.

But if you do decide to overtake me, for goodness sake COMMIT! Don't pussyfoot around wondering if you should accelerate while you drive next to me in the oncoming traffic lane for ten seconds. Call me crazy, but I've heard that the oncoming traffic lane can contain oncoming traffic.


  1. What irritate me EVEN MORE are those that feel compelled to speed up and pass in a school zone - sometimes there are crossing guards and school kids in that oncoming lane.

  2. I've thought that thought many a time. It's amazing how many motorists get locked into the "must pass the bicycle rider" zone without heed of the overall situation.

  3. I totally agree. If you're gonna pass me, pass me! Cyclists often speak of motorists gunning their engines in an "angry" way... I try to remember that, well, that's just what a quick pass sounds like! Behind me at a stop light, however...