Sunday, 1 September 2013

The New American Dream

The American Dream, 20th Century style:

The American Dream, 21st Century style:

Well, okay, maybe the house doesn't have to be quite that small, but you get the picture.

My point is, despite the economic issues that declining energy resources may bring, the future is looking pretty good.

This... coming to your town, and maybe sooner than you might think.

And one thing is certain: it looks, smells, sounds, feels and IS a heck of a lot more attractive than this:

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  1. Unfortunately, the USA as well as much of the world equates success with having more things, bigger things, etc. Most of the world does not see success or happiness in intellectual, natural, or artistic terms.

    A bicycle is a piece of industrial art, i.e., as much as a 1950's T-bird, it is elegance in motion, minus the CO2, congestion, and pollution penalties. So too, a small but efficient and livable home, i.e., read Andy Cline's stuff, can be more rewarding than the McMansion (and far easier to care for).

    I'm often amazed by the size of the critters that people drive around. When I am motorized, I prefer the motorcycle or a small and sporty car to something that feels like I am having to grapple with an unwieldy supertanker. When the folks in the Toyota Sequoia passed us yesterday as we went to Santa Fe in the Impreza, I just shook my head. To me, such vehicles, unless I am moving a piano, are just a lot of dead weight.

    Hope you are right, Ian. Time will tell.