Friday, 7 December 2012

Are motorists all f***ing idiots, or what?

Since August, I have a daily 7 mile commute, and every fricken day a number of morons do a number of things so unbelievably stupid it makes me wonder how they got their driving licenses.

Yesterday I got three. The first one was in the morning, I'm crossing a 6-lane highway and stuck in the intersection (in the turn lane) waiting for a gap in traffic to my right and some lady lays on the horn because... I haven't got a clue - maybe because she thinks I shouldn't be in the turn lane? The second one, a motorist turning left into the main road at a Stop sign at a T junction had no idea that he was supposed to wait until the through road was clear, so he pulls out like some simpleminded buffoon just as my daughter and I are turning left from the through road. Then in the afternoon, some retard has his indicator on suggesting he's turning left, then he decides to go straight - keeps his indicator on through the intersection.

Today, we were passing a parked car whose driver decided to pull out into traffic without indicating or bothering to look to see if it was safe to do so. We were outside of the door zone, and the motorist responded to my horn after I'd tried a couple of yelled 'Excuse me's, so it worked out okay (except that my muscles tensed up so much that I seem to have strained a thigh muscle and am limping around like Lord Byron), but...

While it's not difficult to avoid the problems these morons cause, and while I seem to have developed a sixth sense about some of these things (I knew that idiot yesterday was going to go straight), we shouldn't have to develop a sixth sense to guard against people who shouldn't be behind the wheel of a two ton vehicle. It worries me that my daughter is going to be exposed to these halfwits all her life.

I'm beginning to think driving licenses must come free in every packet of Cornflakes. I mean these bozos cannot possibly have taken a professionally-administered driving test. If they have, then I think the folks deciding to pass these fools need to be fired.


  1. Driver's licenses used to come free in Cracker Jack boxes. I guess they switched to corn flakes...

  2. A friend of mine used to call it his first rule of driving: "You cannot second guess a driver who doesn't know what HE is going to do in the first place."

    1. Yeah. A lot of 'em don't seem to have a clue. Your post reminded me about another two incidents the other day (same day as the first three incidents I talked about above) that I talked about on Andy Cline's 'Carbon Trace' blog. That day was a joke - though not a very funny one.

      I'm beginning to think I must have got into something that attracts the idiot drivers. I feel like I'm like catnip to these bozos recently.

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