Saturday, 17 November 2012

Woman on cellphone turns left, cuts corner, nearly kills my daughter


She turns left onto our road, narrowly misses the curb, travels towards us in her left hand lane (our lane), then yells at me as she's narrowly missing us. Emily had to swerve right to avoid her.

All I had the presence of mind to do was yell "Get off the road!" as she went by.

In forty two years of road cycling, I've never seen anything that dangerous.

Maybe I should buy a bloody video camera.


  1. I'd suggest something besides a videocam but MD laws on those items are tougher than in New Mexico.

    All sarcasm aside, I'm relieved that you are both OK.

  2. Camera seems to buy the cyclist some "respect". I use one and I can tell the difference in motorists' attitudes.

    Be safe.

    Paz :)

  3. It is amazing what a difference context makes.