Thursday, 25 October 2012


After the many incidents in the past few weeks of honking (whether well intentioned or not) I've decided to (reluctantly) start using an Airzound horn again.

I attached one to my bike on my old commute, but the honking incidents were so rare that I never once used it, so I removed it. But since September I've had four or five incidents of honking - mostly friendly "Hey, I'm behind you" toots, but they're still loud enough to frighten the bejeezus out of me, and in every case, I've seen these idiots well before they decided to use their horn.

With the weekly incidents of honking and the fact that the occasional driver still tries to squeeze by me even when I'm controlling the lane, I need some way of sending a message and venting my frustration so that I don't have a heart attack before I'm 60.

Today I was shocked by yet another motorist who appeared in my mirror 100 yards away and as soon as he was 20 yards away, she gives me a friendly 'toot' which (once more) makes me nearly jump out of my skin. I need a way to let these bozos know that it's not alright to do that, and I think the Airzound is it.

I wish these morons would just read their driver's manual.


  1. Ian:
    I had two very close calls today. One was on the phone and the other was talking to his lady companion.

    I like the Airzound, but a portable siren might work better :)
    Just kidding!

    No shortage of ignorance.

    Be safe!

    Peace ;)

  2. One of the things I dislike about the Airzound is that I've seen so many YouTube videos in which cyclists use it when it's just unnecessary - they seem to get 'horn-happy' and buzz motorists in the same way that I've been buzzed by motorists who think they need to warn me when they really don't. Not that I would use it that way, but it makes me a little uncomfortable with strapping one to the bike - I fear it will make me look like one of those horn-happy folks.